Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hai dere from Raz

Still on holidays and spending some late nights in SL. Met a lot of nice people and caught up with some dear friends, who always make me feel so welcome. Some are building, some changing sims, some are changing partners, some just cruising, but always doing something.

Have spent some time at the Jungle lately enjoying the company of many and varied characters including skunks/racoon types, fairies, wildlife with bushy tails and some just plain bloody good looking avies.

My big brother in SL is white haired Joshiwa. Dont let the white hair fool you, he is a big fella in a number of ways, not the least is having a big heart and being a staunch ally. He is partnered to Kev and they have a loving relationship.

I asked him for a quote and got something like "always ready for action". Not sure what he meant as he is North American, but I dont hold that against him.

I'm the friend who likes to stir em up and give shit , but lol I get just as much back, all in the name of fun. If you start getting too serious about yourself its time to go and sit in a corner and ponder on the question 'what the stuff am I here for?'

One day I'll work out how to make this blog visually attractive -until then the printed word will have to do. If you have any suggestions throw em my way, they might be useful decorating the page.

Till I rave next time.. Raz


Anonymous said...

well, my blog is very colorful. :P

just put in some pictures!

Joshua Cartauld said...

Joshiwa is an amazing friend. kisses Raz